Dosador Berlin DII
Dosador Berlin DII
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Mechanical, electronic and software equipment technology developed by GARTEN, especially for the Berlin Grain Dispenser, ensures a dosing accuracy of 99.5% to the exact value it is measuring. This means a maximum error of 150kg at a flow rate of 30 MTH and 10kg at a flow rate of 2 MTH. It is extremely compact, facilitating insertion into existing installations and even reducing costs in new projects. The entire system has been designed to reduce costs by using a pull-out system that secures the doser to the point of operation. The doser has a standard nozzle that fits into the holder at each dosing silo outlet. It mixes two products in pre-defined proportions, requiring only two feeders regardless of the number of product silos. The product flow is controlled by a servo-controlled gate, while the feeder controller checks the passing weight and compares it with the value set by the operator. The two feeders work in an interconnected and interdependent manner. Feeder # 1 maintains the predefined product flow and at the same time checks feeder 2 flow to ensure that the required relationship between them is maintained. Likewise, the doser 2 maintains the flow according to what was defined by the operator, always ensuring the proportional relationship between both.

3 Great advantages Garten


Accuracy and Efficiency

Garten products are designed to be extremely precise and efficient, ensuring that all production stages of our customers are always under extreme control.



All Garten products are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, as well as efficient and agile support of our team.


Own Technology

Garten designs, develops and tests all your equipment in an exhaustive way, so all Garten Products leave our factory ready to be installed and used.