Rice Industrial Automation

The largest automation projects in the rice industry in Brazil and in several Latin American countries were created and manufactured by Garten.


Working heavily on research, having a qualified technical department, developing its own technology, Garten has almost all of the creation and management of automation systems in operation in Brazil.


The Rice Industry has complete automation developed by Garten highlighting: Automation Systems for processing and parboiling - Weighting system and yield control of whole and broken rice, managing from the entry of paddy rice to packaging - Scales for loading trucks 100 ton / hour, easy operation and high precision.


Today the Garten Automation Systems are installed and operating beyond Brazil in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, English Guyana, Venezuela, Argentina, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, the United States, Bulgaria, Senegal.

Rice Industrial Automation
Industrial automation

Industrial automation is the application of specific techniques, software and/or equipment in a given machine or industrial process, with the aim of increasing its efficiency, maximizing production with the lowest energy and/or raw material consumption, lower waste emission of any kind, better security conditions, whether material, human or information related to that process, or to reduce human effort or interference on that process or machine. It is a step beyond mechanization, where human operation is equipped with machinery for increased efficiency.


Industrial automation is now widely used in industrial production by all companies seeking higher quality and greater production, optimizing general costs in the production line.


Garten understands that Automation and Efficiency go together, assuming all the processing of the industry, guaranteeing quality, reduction of losses, reaching the standardization of the final product in less time and at lower costs.

Industrial automation

Assistência Técnica Especializada

Specialized Technical Assistance

Our assistance acts remotely and efficiently, with the possibility of on-site maintenance.

Feito por quem sabe

Done by who knows

Garten specializes in Industrial Automation, and is the World Leader in Automation for the Rice Process.

Sistemas Elétricos e Pneumáticos

Electrical and pneumatic systems

Our projects can include Electrical systems, Air networks and Tires.

Localização privilegiada

Privileged location

Rio Grande do Sul is responsible for more than 50% of Brazil's rice production, Garten is responsible for the development of equipment and systems for this large portion of the economy.



We have developed the Automation project especially for your industry.

Aumento na Produção e Lucro

Increase in Production and Profit

With the Automation of the industrial processes the loss in the production is drastically diminished and thus increasing the profits.